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Puzzle solving skills have led humanity out of the caves and into the sea, sky and space. Here at Epic Panda Games we make brain training games to challenge, stimulate and engage the mind.

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Paper Hangman


The classic game is back more beautiful than ever. 

Can you figure out the word before running out of moves?


Word Search

Solve puzzles, expand your mind and challenge your friends!


Dizzy Bee


Beezy got very dizzy while being busy and can't find its way home.
Solve many puzzles in this challenging and addictive game.


Word Challenge

You have 15 seconds to find as many words as possible. Each word adds 2 seconds to the time. Each round completed adds 15 seconds to the time.  

Good Luck! 


Brain Training

  Improve your memory and reflexes in this challenging free game! Also... it has many adorable puppies.


Under Development

 New game coming soon! 


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